Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pregnant until proven otherwise...

Well, it's done!  I had three embryos transferred on Thursday.  I wasn't initially going to go along with transferring that many, but we only had one that looked very good.  The other two were less likely to implant, according to my RE, but she suggested putting them both back in "just in case".  The pic is above.  The most likely one to take is the one on the lower right, the next best is the upper middle,  and the one that didn't look quite as promising is on the lower left.  But you never know....they might surprise us!  I have an acquaintance who had IVF a couple years ago who had one "good" embryo, and one "very poor quality embryo".  At the time, she and her husband said "What the heck! Put them both in, and we'll see..."  Now they have twins!  So, sometimes embryos that don't look as good in the lab can work just fine in mom's body!

My appointment for my Beta HCG test (blood pregnancy test) is March 1st.  I wonder if I can wait that long before I cave in and do a home pregnancy test?  In the meantime, I will dream about my triplets!


  1. Sending positive thoughts your way! Anything is possible and you just might get triplets from this transfer:] Hope the time passes quickly for you... good luck!

  2. Nothing about this journey is ever truly predictable so I hope those dreams about triplets becomes a reality! Sending positive thoughts your way!