Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Starting the protocol tomorrow......well, maybe??

My RE is planning for a Microdose flare protocol and I am supposed to start my Lupron injections tomorrow. The problem is that my meds were supposed to arrive today, but the shipment was delayed because of weather, and now the earliest it will arrive is tomorrow. This means that even if they do arrive tomorrow, I will be at least 12 hours late for my 1st shot (I don’t get done with work until 6 or so, and I am supposed to give my first shot at 7 am tomorrow).

I called the office and spoke with the IVF coordinating nurse, and she said it would probably be okay to get my first dose late. However, she wants me to let her know if they don’t arrive tomorrow, because we will need to try to get the Lupron from a local pharmacy. I probably would have needed to order them already today in order to get them by tomorrow, though.

I have been attempting to track my medication package through FedEx, but all it says on their website is that it arrived yesterday morning at the Dallas-Fort Worth FedEx location. It’s 11pm, and as far as I can tell, it’s still there……but by now it should have gotten at least a little closer, because I thought the airports at DFW opened back up this morning. I called FedEx earlier today, and the person I talked to was utterly clueless.

Here was my conversation with the (overseas call center) representative:

Me: “Is any way to find out if the package will arrive tomorrow, because it contains medications I was supposed to get today, and which I am supposed to start tomorrow. I need to know as soon as I can if there will be any additional delay so that I can order the meds from a local pharmacy.”
Fed Ex: “Okay, I will place the request to have the package delivered first thing tomorrow.”
Me: “No, that’s not what I am asking. I am asking if you think it’s likely to be delivered tomorrow! Because there is some pretty bad weather throughout the whole country, and I can’t tell exactly if my medications are still sitting in Fort Worth, or if they are on their way. If you can tell me where they are, and whether they are expected to ship tonight, that will help me decide whether I need to order them from a local pharmacy or not.”
Fed Ex :“ Oh, they’re not in Fort Worth. They’re in Texas!”
Me: “Yes, Fort Worth is in Texas. Do you think they will be here by tomorrow or not?”
Fed Ex:“Oh, yes. They will definitely be there tomorrow. I put in a request for them to be delivered tomorrow first thing.”
Me: “It’s 4 pm and you are telling me they are still in Texas. If they are still in Texas right now, do you think they will be shipped in time to get here tomorrow? You know there’s a huge snowstorm happening here, right?”
Fed Ex:“I guess I didn’t know about the storm. But you can always call back tomorrow morning after 8 am to see if they have been shipped.”

I know I can’t ask miracles of people, and no one can predict the weather, but I felt like this lady was just saying whatever she could to get me to go away as quickly as possible. She didn’t even know about the huge snowstorm that’s been sweeping across the US! I seriously doubt that her "putting in a request" to have the package delivered quickly will make an ounce of difference. I just needed to know if the plan is to get it on a plane tonight or not! Tomorrow morning may be too late to get the medications ordered from a local pharamacy, though. I am worried that I may not be able to do my IVF cycle this month after all!!!!

I think this may be a prime opportunity for me to use those mind-body relaxation tracks I talked about in the last post.  Deep breaths....calm yourself......


  1. The overseas call centers are such a pain! I hope everything works out for you tomorrow.

  2. Miss Mac, I checked out your blog, and saw that you get your name from your computer. I am also a Mac user! I don't think I could ever go back to using a PC!