Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yay! The egg retrieval went well!

I just had my egg retrieval today, and I was very pleased with how it went.  First off, I discovered that I am a TOTAL lightweight when it comes to anesthesia.  I was out like a light from the moment he gave me just a smidge of Versed.  So thankfully, I don't remember a thing.

The other great thing is that we got 10 eggs!  That's twice as many as my Dr. thought she was going to get.  I am waiting now with bated breath for the call from the embryologist to see how many were mature, and also how many fertilized.  I will probably hear something later today.

Oddly, I feel a little bit better today than I have felt in a week or so (other than the grogginess from the anesthesia, that is).  I am wondering if having those follicles aspirated is the reason for that.  I don't feel anywhere near as bloated as I did just before the procedure.  Regardless, I am going to take it easy for the rest of today.

Maybe S can get me some Indian food tonight....I am really craving some Saag Paneer for some reason.


  1. Glad that the ER went well today and hope you get another good report soon! Take it easy so that you can feel your best for the ET. Good Luck!

  2. Great news! Keeping my fingers crossed that you get more good news soon.

  3. Thanks for the well-wishes, ladies! I will keep you posted!