Friday, February 4, 2011

Starting stims....Other complicating factors

Tonight I start the stims!  By stims, I mean follicle stimulating agents, specifically in my case Follistim and Menopur.  More shots.......yay?

I am also having a hard time with another aspect of this whole fertility treatment/possible pregnancy thing:  I just accepted a job in Omaha, and my husband has yet to find a job in the same city.  Truth be told, he is not very stoked about leaving Colorado.  He has grudgingly agreed to go (because I have made an awful lot of career sacrifices for him along the way in order to accommodate his very restrictive geographic preferences) but he has still been kind of dragging his feet about finding a job in Nebraska.  However, this was a one-in-a-million, dream job for me, and I am in a very subspecialized field of medicine where such opportunities come up really only once in a lifetime.  

I was absolutely miserable in my current position, and had tried in vain to find something that was more suitable for me here in Colorado.  It was so bad, in fact, that I was considering leaving medicine.  The only reason I had taken this job in the first place was because I was trying to make my husband happy by taking a job in Colorado (he loves it here because he is at a practice he likes, and there is a lot of opportunity for him to ride his bike in the mountains here).  I tried so hard to be happy where I am at, but it was just a total dead-end for me.

When I got a call from this hospital in Omaha asking me to interview for the position (they had someone leave unexpectedly),  I thought, "Hey! Maybe I don't have to give up on all my years of education after all!"  I interviewed there, and it looks to be an ideal fit for me.  It also doesn't hurt that they offered me a very significant increase in salary versus I am currently making.  While Nebraska is not exactly a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, it's where both of us grew up and both sets of parents are still there.  Being near family is important to me.

So here's the real issue....if S doesn't find a job in Omaha right away, and if our IVF is successful (we were sort of already committed to going through with it prior to my taking the job), then I could be stuck by myself while I am pregnant, and possibly with an infant.

I am very nervous about going through with the IVF.  I am scheduled to start my new job in April, and move out to Nebraska at the end of March.  However, I was told that because I have a low ovarian reserve, it's basically now or never.  I thought about waiting a few months to see if my husband's job issue would work itself out (or that he would at least stop dragging his feet), but he has also given me an ultimatum that "We do this in February like we planned, or I'm not doing it at all.  I am tired of waiting."  This is really eating at me.  My career is too important to me to let an opportunity like this go by,  but it's really complicating things because the timing is so crappy.

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